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About Us

MAN in Lagos State

MAN Lagos State Chapter came into proper existence after the National Conference in Abuja(1997), under the leadership of Alh. Ayo Okuboyejo as the Chairman and late Alh. Olorunnisola MBG as the Vice Chairman in 1997.

List of Chairman (1997 till Date)

  • Alh. Ayo Okuboyejo - 1997-2002
  • Alh. Olorunisola MBG(late) - 2002-2007
  • Pastor Martin Ukwu - 2007-2011
  • Mr. Sulaimon J.A - Jan 2011-2014
  • Alh. Jimoh Abd.Rasaq Abidemi - 2014-2017
  • Alh. Jimoh Taylor - 2018 -2021
  • Dr. Nasrudeen A.Malik 2021 till Date

List of Secretary (1997 till Date)

  • Eguavon O.J. - 1997-2002
  • Mr. Sulaimon J.A. - 2002-2007
  • Oki B. A. - 2007-2011
  • Malik N. A. - 2011- 2017
  • Adebiyi Ibraheem - 2017 till Date

Brief History of MAN

The Mathematical Association of Nigeria is a non-governmental organization registered in Nigeria to cater for the interests of its members in interactions in mathematical thought in all fields of endeavour including education, science and technology.

Objectives of MAN

The objectives of the MAN are:
  • to encourage and stimulate mathematical thought and activities.
  • to promote effective mathematical teaching and research.
  • to encourage the development and effective use of mathematics in Nigeria.
  • to provide for a regular contact and interaction among mathematicians, mathematics educators, teachers and users of mathematics.
  • to inspire young Nigerian to show interest in mathematics and be functionally literate in the subject.
  • to encourage and undertake the publication of mathematics journals, reference books and newsletter as means of promoting the development of mathematics and dissemination of research findings in mathematics, mathematics education, science and technology.
  • to make major contributions in curriculum review and advise the government in issue(s) concerning mathematics and mathematics education in Nigeria.

    • MAN will achieve these Objectives by:

      • organizing annual national conferences, mathematics workshops, seminars and symposia, as well as regular meetings of members.
      • organizing mathematical contests and awarding prizes to deserving students of mathematics at all levels.
      • publishing the ABACUS as well as other journals as may be necessary.
      • publishing newsletters and magazine periodically.
      • setting up task forces as the need arises to deal with specific issues.
      • writing and publishing mathematics books and developing mathematics curricula at all level of education.
      • relation with similar associations in Nigeria, ECOWAS, Africa and the rest of the world as well as with the international agencies.
      • affiliating with appropriate international organizations.
      • liaising with the federal, state, local and other government institutions towards the achievement of the objectives of the association.

20 Years of Experience

We cannot accomplish great things unless we have people around us want them to succeed. We can do a lot ourselves but at the same time we can achieve the "Impossible" when we have very motivated and committed team!

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